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Sited in this website, especially in the “Resources” and “The Doctors” sections below, are statements and statistics that support a Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle!

This is a compilation of links and information readily available to the public from multiple resources, and NOT derived from our own research studies. 

Please read and review the widely published articles and studies for yourself that have come from various scientific journals and similar publications. We have not created this content.

Whole Food,

Plant-Based Chef

Make the Transition to the Healthiest, Life-Saving Diet!

We have not created this content. We have simply linked it for your convenience and want to inform you of the resources used to curate our menu of services.  We also offer cooking classes that are based on starting a WFPB Life-Style from re-stocking your pantry and refrigerator with the right foods, to the nutrition details and how to transition to cook for yourself, your family and any event you may host or may have to attend, from eating out at restaurants, to travel and to entertain your own parties.


  • Whole Food, Plant-Based Demonstrations and Recipes (ongoing monthly classes or scheduled privately)
  • Evidence Based Nutrition Cooking Classes      
  • 1-on-1 Diet Coaching 
  • Start Fresh Course!  (Focused on how to Retock your Pantry with the Right Foods! Includes a trip to the Market and a lesson
  • How to Read  Nutritional Fact Labels 
  • How to Eat Out while adhering to a Plant-Based Lifestyle
  • Personal 1-Day in-Home Batch Cooking
  • Custom Cooking Classes Designed for those who want to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet
  • Ready-Made Whole Food, Plant-Based Meals Delivered Directly to Your Home or Office!
  • Events Catering for Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Weddings, etc…!

Meet The Chef!

Chef Roberto Carboni possesses an extensive knowledge in Italian cuisine.

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