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Meet The Chef!

Meet The Chef!

What was your latest a-ha moment? For Chef Roberto Carboni, it was around 2012 when he began realizing that certain disturbs were actually becoming more noticeable and in every annual check up the doctor was discovering something that wasn’t necessarily alarming but to consider because it was escalating… The latest discovery was sleeping apnea, but he already had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gallstones, joint pains, constipation, fatty liver, pre-diabetic and last visit top the scale at 248 pounds, so now he was also obese! Not acceptable any longer! The doctor also wanted to start Chef Roberto on medications and that got him a bit scared. We all rely on modern medicine and professional advice but sometimesthe best doctor is your own gut instinct. Chef Carboni had seen the Forks over Knives documentary and was already impress from that approach, so he decided to look into the food much deeper and started reading books, like “How Not To Die”, “The China Study” The Starch Solution” “Food as Medicine” “The Cheese Trap” The Engine 2 Diet” and many more and everything made a lot of sense…  In July 2017 Chef Roberto decided to fully immerse himself and started a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet and in a mutter of the first few weeks, he alleviated his symptoms with natural diet changes, and the support of like-minded individuals he met during his certification for Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

His own personal experience is what drives him to affect change in the lives of his family members and those in the larger community. He promotes healthy cooking practices and eating habits while simultaneously striving to leave the lightest carbon footprint possible on our precious earth.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/duLike most people, it takes a significant life-threatening moment to motivate us to make honest, healthy changes not only for ourselves but also our loved ones, and in turn, society as a whole. With so many diverse cultures forming a broad spectrum of varying of views, not to mention various clinical research studies, and a field of advocates promoting a variety of lifestyles, we are bombarded by an array of media, information, and differing expert opinions from all over the world in this age of innovation and technology. But what motivates us to truly make a profound change? It’s usually the risk of losing something or someone important to you that motivates us.

Passion (or passione in Italian) is one thing that drives people to change. Chef Carboni’s passion is in his blood, his speech, and fills the entire kitchen from beginning to end of each of his classes. He loves sharing fresh plants and herbs from his garden, and can’t stop talking about their innate nutritional benefits. He instructs without judgement or rhetoric and uses a practical approach to disseminating valuable information. As he often says, “We have been duped! ” Meaning that the food insustry has convince us with their marketing strategies but the truth about food is in the medical studies and you can see for yourself.  The easiest place for is “nutrition facts.org” otherwise on https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/

Chef Carboni encourages people to educate themselves and use their own common sense to evaluate which path is right for them. If you are able to take anything away from this website or one of his classes, whether it’s a delicious and nutritious recipe or a helpful kitchen tip, that’s all that matters.

There’s always a transitional period to significant life changes; change does not happen overnight. For Chef Carboni, it’s taken almost 3 years and has transformed both his personal and professional life due to the nature of being in the culinary industry. Most importantly, his children are at the forefront of his mind with everything he does. His classes are family oriented and his son, Marcello (10), and daughter, Sofia (8), are often there to lend their father a hand and his wife Minerva at his side helping him with the cooking.  Chef Roberto as of January 2020 has lost 50 pounds, taking no medications, has reversed all of his chronic diseases and feels great!  Working on loosing the next 40 pound is the next challenge and not an easy one because as he said, working as a Chef is comparable to an alcoholic that has to work as a bartender… So it’s not easy but he will make it happen anyway!  Come experience and learn what a Whole Food, Plant-Based diet can do for you by using this website, blog and signing up for one of his upcoming classes!

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