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With the content on this website, especially in the “Resources” and “The Doctors” our intent is simply to inform our users of the great values of a Whole Food, Plant-Based Life-Style!

However we would like you to understand that the content we place here is not from our own research but rather a gathering of information largely available to everyone to see and read for themself in a variety of online platforms, like YouTube, Google, Many phones & tablets Apps, and hundreds of websites.

Most of the website we link for you to see for yourself are made from Doctors and Health Care Professionals that they have study for themself and gather the evidence by scientific studies conducted on specific subjects on chronic diseases, nutrition, foods and the effect

Whole Food,
Plant-Based Chef

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they have in humans. The studies are published in major scientific journals and publications and are available for anyone to read and understand for themself. We have not created this content we have simply linked it for our users to be easily accessed. We then provide our own services that are in making food that is conform with the evidence based of a WFPB Diet.

We also offer cooking classes that are based on starting a WFPB Life-Style from re-stocking your pantry and refrigerator with the right foods, to the nutritions details and how to transition to cook for yourself, your family and any event you may host or may have to attend, from eating out at restaurants, to travel and to entertain your own parties.

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  • Whole Food Plant Based Cooking
  • Evidence Based Nutrition Cooking Classes      
  • 1-on-1 Coaching 
  • Start Fresh!  Re-Stocking your Pantry with the Right Foods!
  • Market Shopping Trip
  • How to Read  Nutritional Labels 
  • How to Eat Out keeping your new Plant-Based Lifestyle
  • 1-Day in-Home Batch Cooking
  • Custom Cooking Classes Designed for Plant Based Transition
  • Ready Made Whole Food, Plant-Based Meals
  • to be Delivered Directly to Your Home!

Meet The Chef!

Chef Roberto Carboni possesses an extensive knowledge in Italian cuisine.

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